About Grand Porter Logistics

With 15 years of sales and operational experience, George Holmes opened Grand Porter Logistics in October, 2012. Since then, he’s established Grand Porter as a leading 3PL (Third-Party Logistics) company.

And he isn’t satisfied yet.

Grand Porter’s goal is ambitious, but attainable through hard work and unwavering commitment: To change the face of logistics as we know it.

Our Goal

We’ll achieve service standards that are well above the industry norm. Whether it’s FTL, LTL, or speciality shipping, you can count on us.

A commitment to frequent communication, along with collaborative sales and operations teams, are our ingredients for unparalleled success. Though we rarely face issues that delay delivery times, we understand the importance of communication to solve situations that affect you. If issues pop up, you’ll hear from us right away. Plus, we’re always ready to pick up our phones and answer your questions.

After all, honesty is one of our core values.

This dedication to timely and truthful communication is surprisingly rare in the shipping and logistics industries. It’s what puts us miles ahead of our competition.

Our Solution

The industry has always suffered from a disconnect between sales and operational staff members. Collaboration is scarce, as if they’re in separate departments divided by walls.

At Grand Porter Logistics, sales and operations are one in the same. Our operational staff members buy into our sales strategy, acting as the backbone of our commitment to honestly serve you and exceed your expectations. We don’t work any other way.

Our Purpose

We’re dedicated to finding solutions for you. If you need to deliver an oversized load to Wasilla, Alaska or dry van freight of corrugated material to Cleveland, Ohio, we offer the best service.

That’s because our partner carriers specialize in a variety of areas. They always rise to challenges presented by even the most difficult jobs.

We take the leg work away from you, finding the safest and fastest shipping options.

We’d love to hear from you. Contact us today for unbeatable shipping solutions.

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