360° Logistics Solutions from The Right Third-Party Logistics (3PL) Company

In an industry where A to B shipping is no longer the norm, third-party logistics (3PL) companies are fulfilling an important role in more ways than one.

Every shipment is unique and may have requirements that go beyond the scope of some transportation groups or companies coordinating their own shipping and receiving. In today’s market, there are several important services that qualified logistics firms will offer:

Over the Road Freight Transportation:

  • Ground based shipping for less than (LTL) or full truck load (FTL) moves
  • Ability to carry general, temperature-controlled and hazardous freight
  • Cross-border transportation and services
  • Access to various trailer types such as reefer, roll-tite, flat bed, and step deck

Ocean, Air, and Rail Shipping:

  • Certified to move shipments via ocean and air transport across North America and the world
  • Able to move loads from coast to coast via rail
  • Door-to-door service by connecting freight through various modes of transport
  • Container shipping options

Specialized Services:

  • Oversized shipments that require permits and/or specific routing
  • Cross dock and warehousing solutions
  • Rig services and special equipment availability
  • Tailgate and straight truck options

trailer set up 1Choosing the Right 3PL Company

In addition, it is important to work with a logistics company that offers exceptional customer care and support. This means working with an organization that, as a proper logistics solution, is upfront about time, cost and capabilities.

One that provides timely updates and ensures that your freight moves according to schedule is ideal. In the event that an issue arises, such a qualified provider will move quickly to solve the problem while keeping you informed.

trailer set up 2Grand Porter Logistics is an industry leader that goes above and beyond for their clients and approaches every shipment with dedication and commitment.

The industry professionals at Grand Porter are not afraid to think “outside the box,” customizing every order to best service your freight.

Here is one example of how Grand Porter Logistics is offering multiple solutions to serve a longstanding client:

  • Use cross-border transport solutions to ship unassembled trailers and heavy equipment via ground transport from the United States into Canada
  • Offload the unassembled trailers via specialized rig equipment
  • Warehouse the freight
  • Assemble the trailers
  • Inspect and certify the trailers once assembled
  • Load the heavy equipment onto assembled trailers
  • Load the final product via specialized rig equipment for transport
  • Transport the final product and deploy to stores

trailer set up 3Big or small, no job is too complex. Look to Grand Porter to service your freight from A to Z!

>> Grand Porter Logistics is a 3PL company with the expertise and resources to successfully co-ordinate a wide range of shipments. Contact us today to learn more.

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About Natalie Martin

Natalie Martin is a logistics and administrative coordinator with Grand Porter Logistics. She is well versed in the transportation industry, specializing in expedite, LTL and FTL logistics. In addition to her role with Grand Porter, Natalie is also a well-known musician in South-western Ontario, performing bass guitar, keyboards and lead vocals with a few established music groups.

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