Shipping Oversize Truck Loads: The Long and Short of It

Oversize loadHaving lived in Southern Ontario for most of my life, I am keen to venture out into other parts of this beautiful province whenever possible.

On summer days, I have made the journey through rural Ontario to camp or cottage along Lake Huron. While travelling through Bruce County, it’s hard to miss the occasional wind turbine jutting out of a farmer’s field, taking advantage of prevailing winds off the lake.

Until recently, it never occurred to me what it would take to ship such a large structure, especially when the site is nowhere near an urban centre.

Last summer, as I headed up for a weekend of fun and sun, I happened to see a convoy of trucks moving turbine blades on a sleepy back road. I was utterly shocked by the immense size of each piece. It’s hard to gage the scale of something that you’ve only ever seen from a few hundred feet below.

About Oversize Loads

An oversize load, by definition, is a shipment containing freight that surpasses legal size limitations.

Depending on the trailer type being utilized, requirements may vary.

Generally, oversize truck loads require permits to be in place prior to shipping, and often, special considerations need to be made regarding routing. This is to avoid obstacles such as low bridges.

Due to the nature of oversize load trucking and the associated requirements in place, customers coordinating their own moves can find the process complex. Planning shipments and finding the right equipment to legally transport is difficult.

Finding an Oversize Freight Logistics Solution

It is important to seek out a logistics and oversize load trucking company that has the knowledge and experience to ensure your oversize freight is transported as safely and seamlessly as possible.

A qualified provider should also have access to a range of trailer and special equipment options best suited for the job.

The cost of shipping oversize truck loads can be substantial, especially as you factor in assessorial charges for items such as permits and equipment. The bottom line is always an important consideration. Though the cheapest option may be enticing, it may not be the best way to go.

Be sure to work with a third-party logistics (3PL) company that has the capacity and resources to co-ordinate a move that is well-planned and efficient.

This will result in cost effectiveness, as customers are safeguarded from unforeseen charges. It will also ensure that the load is shipped on schedule.

You may find cheaper rates with less-qualified providers but, considering the complexity of oversize shipments, it is vital to consider all the factors.

>>Grand Porter Logistics is 3PL company with expertise and resources to successfully co-ordinate oversize shipments. We precisely move freight while providing unrivalled customer service. Contact us today for all your shipping needs.

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