The Final Countdown

Untitled design (1)It seems like it was only yesterday that the electronic logging device (ELD) rule was published, but in fact it’s been almost two years. The final rule was published by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) on December 16 of 2015. Following publication of the rule, the first phase of implementation began, which is soon coming to an end.

As of December 18, 2017, it is mandatory that all drivers and carriers, subject to the rule, must use FMCSA approved ELDs, the only exception being vehicles that are already equipped with automatic on-board recording devices (AOBRDS); installed prior to the compliance date. It is required that such vehicles switch to ELDs by December 2019 (FMCSA).

That being said, drivers south of the border are still hoping for a delay. According to a survey conducted by PrePass, 49% of 1,620 survey respondents have not selected or installed an ELD as of December 5, 2017 (PrePass). A group of opposed drivers planned protests at over 40 locations across the country as a last-ditch effort to delay the mandate. Arguing that the devices are unsafe because they will force drivers to play “beat the clock” (American Trucker). However, the FMCSA seems pretty determined to implement the rule as planned, and if they follow through it will leave many carriers and drivers scrambling to comply, which isn’t a quick and easy task, as it involves researching adequate suppliers, installation, and training. Keep in mind there’s approximately 233 registered ELDs to choose from (FMCSA). If you like it or not, it appears the mandate is happening, so here is a helpful link for any last minute scramblers.

We expect any carrier who works on our behalf to comply to all legal regulations.

As for Shippers – How can you prepare?

There is a lot of speculation circulating how the mandate will affect the industry, with the main concern being the impacts it will have on capacity. Although there is no clear consensus, we are certain of one thing, and that is by working with a third party logistic company, like Grand Porter, you will have no problem securing a truck. We can say this confidently as we have established a lengthy list of preferred carriers over the years that have complied, or plan to, by December 18, 2017. Some of which have already been voluntarily using ELDs through the Awareness and Transition phase. The service we offer has remained the same, and we plan to keep it that way beyond the compliance date.

It’s as simple as leaving it up to us. We will not use the ELD mandate as an excuse. We just advise planning ahead with optimal lead time, that way we can start working on securing a truck at a respectable rate. Lastly, try and keep realistic expectations until our industry adapts to the changes brought forward by the ELD mandate.

With just one week left before the deadline – the countdown is officially on!

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